What's in a Name

How FayEtte Bikini Company got its name...

My Grandmother, Marian Parsanko, and her two sisters, Bernice and Josephine, were expert seamstresses. They would do custom alterations for all of their friends and family. They were great at it. So great that they started getting custom orders for wedding gowns and dresses. They would have ladies stopping by their homes at all hours for fittings. Bernice's husband, growing a little tired of coming home from work to 3 or 4 ladies being fitted in his living room, suggested they open up a shop, so they did. They opened up a shop on Fay Ette Street in downtown Hammond, IN, aptly named the Fay Ette Shop. The Fay Ette Shop was open for over 46 successful years (1949-1995) and the startup of my company has had many parallels with the beginnings of their shop. In honor of the beautiful Parsanko sisters, I carried on the FayEtte name for my bikini company.



Josephine (far left), Marian (third from left), and Bernice (far right)