Hello! My name is Danielle Harangody and I'm the creator of FayEtte Bikinis. I was born and raised in the outskirts of West Palm Beach, FL so my love for the water (and bikinis) came about at a very young age. My parents would take me and my older sister to the Florida Keys almost every weekend to spend time exploring the islands on our 27ft boat named Boomerang (my sister and I named it after the Jimmy Buffet song 'Boomerang Love', we were cool kids). I got my first bikini at the age of 3 at the famous Holiday Isle Resort in Islamorada. I absolutely loved it! I remember it was hot pink and yellow and it had little sea turtles on it (see picture). I wore it so much that by the time my mom got rid of it, it had faded to white and light purple. I was crushed when I saw her throw it away but luckily my sister had gotten a matching one that she didn't wear very much and was about to outgrow it- score! When I was 13, my family took a vacation to Costa Rica where I learned how to surf. After my first wave I was hooked, even though I quickly realized that not all bikinis were made for surfing when I looked down and had to readjust my top. Since then, I have travelled the globe on a quest for good waves. I started lifeguarding at a county pool during high school and was an ocean lifeguard for a few years after I graduated. I became a USCG 100 Ton Master captain at the age of 22 and I have just recently upgraded to my 200 Ton license. My seagoing career has lead me all over the east coast, Great Lakes, and Caribbean with my largest command being a 124' passenger vessel.

My life has always revolved around the water. Being involved with something as majestic as the sea is empowering, amazing, beautiful and humbling. Everyone experiences and interprets the ocean in their own unique way, which is one of the reasons I started making bikinis. My bikinis are only partly designed by me, you get to customize the colors and fabrics. This gives you, the wearer, the opportunity to create a combination that complements your unique lifestyle. All FayEtte Bikinis are handmade-to-order by me in my South Florida studio. They are made to stay put for girls who don't stay put. I hope you love my bikinis as much as I love making them. Enjoy your adventure :)